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Less Paper in Push for Plastic
You may not see as many credit-card offers weighing down your mailbox these days.
Less Paper in Push for Plastic Article
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College campuses are a rough testing ground for plastic cards. Cards may be used up to 20 times a day and will be carried in pockets and bags along with keys and coins, other cards which may be embossed, lint and sand. They most likely will be bent and flexed, put through the washer and drier, used to scrape ice off windshields and put into socks or shoes while playing intramural sports, adding the elements of sand and sweat -- and inevitably, students' dogs will chew on them.
An Issuer's Perspective on Plastic Cards
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does JBM produce more than just plastic cards? Yes, we produce a wide variety of plastic items - key danglers, table tents, door hangers and more. We also sell printing machinery, software, accessories and just about anything else connected to plastic cards and promotional items.
What is the minimum quantity I can order? It depends on the product you need. We do runs for as little as a thousand cards, but we also do special orders. Just ask - we are confident we can fill any order you need.
What is the typical production time JBM needs to produce a card? It depends on the product... Some cards can be produced in 24 hours while others require 4-5 weeks due to production complexities. In any case, JBM can expedite the process to meet your needs.
Can JBM provide design services? Yes, JBM can design any type of card or plastic promotional item.
If we design our own cards and other components, what artwork can JBM accept? We can accept almost anything from a floppy disk, CD ROM, zip disk, camera art to hand drawn copy with instructions.
Can we e-mail artwork to JBM? Yes. We even have a special e-mail address for artwork... Be sure to ask for that address and file transfer specifications.
Can JBM personalize cards? Yes... We not only can personalize your cards, we can personalize all sorts of things. Just specify your request and we will handle the details.
What are JBM's payment terms? Currently our payment terms are net 30 days with approved credit.
How can I place an order or get a price? That's easy... You can call our 800 number (1.800.786.5101) and tell us what you want, fax a purchase order or price request to 702.362.3175, e-mail a purchase order or price request to or send artwork and/or specifications by various forms of snail mail.
Industry News
The plastic card invasion The tendency of modern data-driven economies is to structure economic activity in such a way that an increasing amount of data is generated.
For example, the fact that only a few years ago, few people in continental Europe used a credit card, and that now almost everybody who has a bank account also has a credit card, shows that payment by credit card is preferred to anonymous cash transaction.
If somebody pays by credit card, there are computers that register the transaction. They record who paid what amount where, and for what purpose. This is valuable information.
The plastic card invasion
Our customers always come first... Support is as simple as dialing our toll-free 800 number: 1.800.786.5101. We will help you get any challeng resolved as quickly as possible.
Security Issues
Watch out: There's an ID thief about
By Danny Bradbury [15-04-2004]

When someone says 'get a life', they don't generally mean 'take mine'. But that's exactly what happened to more than 100,000 people in the UK last year.

ID theft - where someone steals the identity of another by conventional and electronic means - has become a huge problem.

According to fraud prevention service CIFAS, the number of cases of identity fraud in the UK has increased dramatically since 1999, when 20,000 cases were reported.
Watch out: There's an ID thief about
Operational Research
White Paper: Magneprint: A Real Time Risk Management Tool
Magneprint: A Real Time Risk Management Tool