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Less Paper in Push for Plastic
You may not see as many credit-card offers weighing down your mailbox these days.
Less Paper in Push for Plastic Article
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Loyalty Cards

Marketing research consistently demonstrates that retaining existing customers is easier than establishing new ones. Integral to keeping customers is providing incentives that will inspire their loyalty. Customer Loyalty Cards are an excellent marketing tool for rewarding current customers and attracting new ones.

By segmenting the customer base, companies can reward top customers with Gold Loyalty Cards, discounts, promotions and even bonus points redeemable with co-brand partners.

Like Financial Cards, Loyalty Cards are valued and looked after by customers. A well-designed card with personalised information can add tremendous value to customer service and help to strengthen a company's brand recognition.

Johnson Business Machines, Inc. has a proven expertise in developing specialized services for Customer Loyalty Card Programs. Whether they are Grocery Store, Hotel/Casino, Frequent Diner, Frequent Flyer or other Loyalty Card Programs, JBM can shape an overall package that encompasses card design through direct-mailing of cards and marketing inserts to your customers.

Loyalty Cards
Loyalty Cards
Sample Loyalty Cards
Sample Loyalty Cards