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Less Paper in Push for Plastic
You may not see as many credit-card offers weighing down your mailbox these days.
Less Paper in Push for Plastic Article
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Debit cards steadily grow in popularity OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - To get an idea of how much plastic has infiltrated your financial life, look no further than just two places: your mailbox and your wallet.
If you're like most Americans, you get countless pieces of junk mail for new credit cards every week. And according to recent studies, most households carry an average of seven cards - everything from credit and debit cards to ATM, store and gas cards.

But one newer piece of plastic isn't credit at all: Debit cards have been the most successful cards in recent years. They allow consumers to pay for products like a credit card, but the amount is deducted from a checking account.

Consumers increasingly are using debit cards to pay for everything from gas to fast food, eroding the traditional methods of cash and checks.
Debit cards steadily grow in popularity
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Contactless Cards In a previous column, I predicted that in the USA, wide usage of smart cards will begin with contactless IC cards ahead of cards with contacts. Contact IC cards offer no advantage to consumers. A business case is not possible in the USA because extensive and inexpensive telecommunications negate any need for data storage or account authentication on a card.
Now it is a different story with contactless cards which definitely offer a convenience factor to consumers. The convenience factor for a consumer translates to a marketing factor to business. There are actually two major categories of contactless cards now being widely used in the USA.
The first category is not normally thought of as a "contactless card." It is the contactless bar coded card (CBCC) which is just waived over the slot scanners used extensively in retail applications.
Contactless Cards
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These quick card facts are responses to the ICMA's most commonly asked questions about the plastic card industry. Drawn from a variety of expert sources, the statistics will be updated periodically as new industry information becomes available.
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