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Less Paper in Push for Plastic
You may not see as many credit-card offers weighing down your mailbox these days.
Less Paper in Push for Plastic Article
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Table Tents

What is the first thing you notice when you sit down to eat at a restaurant? The answer is: Table Tents! They are a great way to advertise your specials, discounts, events, etc. They are wonderful for displays at conventions, in hotel rooms and on the counter of your business. Typically, they are the first item noticed by your customer. Johnson Business Machines, Inc. can supply you with a wide array of Table Tents for any occasion.

Table Tents are similar to enlarged business cards or flyers, but are positioned for maximum exposure. They are a showcase of what you have to offer and your corporate image. Table Tents are a great way to elegantly display your business and your ideas.

One of the first things you learn in Marketing 101, is that your bottom line is directly proportional to number of exposures to your product. JBM offers an economical and practical method for you to increase your profits and not break your piggy bank... Let the industry leader in production of Table Tents help you get noticed and improve your marketing campaign.

Table Tents
Table Tents
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More Table Tents