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You may not see as many credit-card offers weighing down your mailbox these days.
Less Paper in Push for Plastic Article
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Thermal Card Printers

ImageMaster™ Series

Table Top High Speed Thermal Transfer Card Printer

Print high quality monochrome cards at 300 DPI along with an optional Hico/Loco encoder in a high or low throughput type run. Add the new Carousel for multi card input.

The ImageMaster™ Series is a high-speed, high quality thermal graphics card printer capable of printing up to 1300 cards per hour, depending on your card's layout. The ImageMaster prints high-quality, personalized cards quickly and easily and is available with mag stripe encoding, Smart Card initialization, and remote controlled multi hopper (see below) options.

This thermal transfer printer, with its industry leading 300 DPI resolution, delivers clean, crisp monochrome text, images and bar codes in 15 different Pantone Colors. Available features include magnetic stripe encoding and smart card initialization. If your throughput and budget requires a lower cost printer, the ImageAce Plus may fit your needs.

Whether your cards are for access control or identification, loyalty or insurance, you can see the ImageMaster will produce them quickly, easily, accurately and cost-effectively.

**NEW Multi Hopper Option**

New to the ImageMaster family is the Carousel option. Run up to 6 types of cards and choose the appropriate hopper remotely via your data string or locally via the keyboard. A great tool for use in point of issue loyalty cards, or batch runs of different types of cards. It will soon be available with a MS Windows® printer driver.

Advantage 2000® Series

Table Top Card Personaliser

Take a basic unit with just embossing and add your choice of options to also make it a hico/loco magnetic stripe encoder, a smart chip initialiser, a tipper, a card printer and an indent/infiller. Can be used for batch or one at a time runs.

Advantage M2000 Embosser...

The NBS Advantage 2000 Series®™ is our table top card embosser that depending on your machine configuartion and card layout, can provide throughput speeds of up to 400 cards per hour.

Add the magnetic stripe encoder, monochrome card printer, tipper and smart card initializer and you will have a complete personalizer in a compact smart package.

The Advantage 2000 is designed to interface with your existing software whether it be on a PC or in a mainframe using its own on-line system software for speed and accuracy.

A full range of CR50 and CR80 formats are available. The M1 Model, with its space saving smaller footprint, is the big seller in the healthcare market with the M2/M3 providing a full function unit in a tabletop environment. This Advantage Series reputation stands on its own with its flexibility, is highly regarded in a variety of markets.

Now Available:

Front indent with Encoding on the M1 unit. Save space and create cards in VISA Electron format.


High Volume Stand Alone Personalization System

An availability of a wide variety of CPE's (Card Personalization Elements) gives you flexibility both now and in the future in a high speed, low maintenance environment. Amongst the features are card printers that print on both front and rear in both color and/or monochrome media.

The NBS Horizon® Series is a high-volume high-speed card personalization system engineered with individual CPE's to provide flexibility and customization to meet your specific requirements. With the introduction of CPE's, the Horizon allows for expansion to your unit even at a later date.

This way, your Horizon will grow as your business grows. The Horizon is designed to meet card issuance needs of financial institutions, service bureaus, insurance companies, government and healthcare organizations, retail and telecommunications companies.

Individual CPE's (card personalization elements) are built to match your exact needs, including embossing, front and rear indenting, tipping, magnetic stripe encoding, both front and rear monochrome/color graphics printing, labeling and smart card initializing(both contact and contactless). Depending on your configuration, your Horizon can reach throughput speeds of up to 1,000 cards per hour.

For optimum productivity and simplicity of operation, the Horizon uses a standard Pentium® PC and its Windows® based NBS Conquest Series™ Software for easy card design and data input flexibility. Add the stuffer and insertion elements to make your Horizon a complete card issuance system.

NBS Impressions Series - USA

NBS Javelin Series - Outside USA

Desktop Dye Sublimation Card Printers

Both Series print cards in a full color and/or monochrome, low volume, environment with optional encoding. Pictures, barcodes and text make an attractive ID or security card.

The NBS Impression Series™ is our high quality desk top card personalization system. This card printer is full color, ideal for a wide range of identification purposes from access control, membership and promotion to visitor cards and badges.

The NBS Impression Series™ is the perfect solution for high quality, on-demand identification and access control card printing.

With its 300 dpi resolution it ensures exceptionally sharp print quality, and the cards take as little as 5 seconds in monochrome and approximately 25 seconds to print in full color.

It can be configured exactly the way you want; full color graphics printing, magnetic stripe encoding and smart card initializer. The Javelin also offers dual sided printing with a unique flip-over capability that allows you to print on both sides, edge to edge. Add a clear or holographic overlay applications for added security.

With its compact, light weight design and Windows compatible print driver, you can use the NBS Javelin almost anywhere with almost any Pentium PC- important considerations for small office or temporary location applications.

A simple, powerful and perfect solution for photo identification and access control card printing and personalization.
Thermal Card Printers
ImageMaster Series Thermal Card Printer

ImageMaster Series Thermal Card Printer

ImageMaster Series Thermal Card Printer
Table Top Card Personilizer

Advantage M2000 Embosser

Advantage M2000 Embosser

High Volume Stand Alone Personalization System

Desktop Dye Sublimation Card Printers

Desktop Dye Sublimation Card Printers